Service & Rates

Fitter, Stronger, Longer excels at one thing, and that is helping you improve your health through comprehensive and thoughtful private personal training.

  • Initial Assessment


    After signing up, (there are no joining fees) we do a comprehensive assessment of your strength, range of motion, body and diet. This normally takes 1.5 hours.

  • Private Session


    Private one on one personal training session (1 hr) tailored for your body and goals. Your program will usually include dynamic and static stretches, core strengthening and resistance (weight) exercises.  The design of your program is a collaborative effort between you and Emma, so if you are concerned about part of your program, we can change it.

  • Private Session (Concession)


    We offer our personal training to concession holders at a lower rate. You get exactly the same service as a Private Session.

  • Training Support


    This provides you with a full exercise assessment, a home program tailored to your goals and needs, a weekly schedule of activity that includes strength, fitness and flexibility and a  1 hour review session after 1 month. This is ideal for self starters who can pursue their fitness goals at home with direction and review from Emma.

  • Nordic Walking Program


    Nordic Walking is a great low impact, moderate intensity, full body workout that you can do any time. You exercise 90% of your body and burn 46% more calories compared to normal walking. Emma is a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor with the Nordic Academy in Victoria. We can help you get started with an assessment and 3 x 1 hour session program. You will need to your own Nordic Walking poles, Emma can help you pick the best one for you.

  • Active Caring


    This is for people 60 years and over who want to maintain strength and vitality into their later years. After an initial assessment we may need sign-off from your GP.  We will then design a 1 hour program of gentle to moderate exercise to suit your situation and goals. This is a mobile service type so Emma can come to you!